Dog Grooming Services

Have long walks through muddy fields left tangles, knots and burs in your dog's fur? No matter how hard you try, your animals seem to spend their time trying to get their fur as matted as possible. If you own long-haired breeds such as Afghan hounds, or breeds with an under coat like Huskies and Malamutes, you can find keeping your animal's fur in order is a full time job. Why not call upon the services of Ruff Cutz to wash and groom your dog back into its usual pre-playtime condition?

Clipping of Overgrown Nails

Are your pet's nails starting to look a little long? Perhaps your cat prefers to spend its time sleeping rather than playing. As your pet grows older, they may spend more time enjoy a nap, with the consequence that nails aren't worn down as often as they should be, so they grow longer than is suitable for the animal. Overgrown nails can cause discomfort to your pet and create marks on your wooden floors. As well as our grooming services, Ruff Cutz also offers nail clipping. Call today to book your cat or dog's appointment.

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